Is Stress Giving You Wrinkles?

Are you stressed out in your daily routine? And stress is causing early wrinkles? Stress not only causes wrinkles but it also weakens your immune system, heart and affects your sleeping patterns. So here are

Top Ten Tips

to say good bye to wrinkles and stress.

  • Your whole body needs care and attention. So try and give little extra time to your body and just not only to your face. Think of doing some exercise as it will help you maintain your figure as well as it will relieve your stress. You can even opt for brisk walking; dancing daily, swimming, yoga or meditation.
  • Say good bye to all your favorite junk food. Junk food seems to obstruct your being healthy. Instead of junk food switch yourself to healthy food. This would help you reduce your stress levels.
  • Once in a week give your body a massage treats. You could even try hot spa or hot tub hydrotherapy. These would act as perfect de-stressor for you. But it is always advisable to trade a massage with a skilled massager.
  • Try to keep yourself hydrated as it helps to keep your skin and body moist and it also enhances your oxygen circulation. Avoid drinking aerated drinks instead you could prefer water, fresh fruit juices or lemonade. Proper water levels keeps your skin tighten, soft and flexible. It would also keep your body and mind fresh and clear.
  • Avoid using heavy make-ups and try to stick to the basics. Clean your face regularly and apply a good moisturizer. Apply a good sun block before going in sun.
  • Eat balanced, healthy and proper diet. Try to include lots of fruits and salads in your diet chart. This would give your body and skin proper nutrition and will add a glow to your skin. A healthy body is always stress-free.
  • Join a laughter club, or watch some comedy shows or movies. As laughter is the best medicine for stress.
  • Listen to some good and soothing music as it relaxes your mind and you will feel fresh and relaxed.
  • Try and get at least 8 hours of sound sleep. As we sleep our brain and body is re-energized.
  • Socialize more. With socialization you will come to meet new faces and new kinds of people. This ‘variety in life’ keeps you happy and stress-free.

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