How to Get Rid of Age Spots

According to American Academy of Dermatology 90-95% of wrinkles, lines and discolorations on our bodies are caused by sun effect. That’s the reasons the areas that are exposed to sun are more affected by wrinkles. One of the problems caused by sun exposure is age spots, which is also popularly known as age spots, liver spots or sun spots.

You can restore the even pigmentation on your hands by using a different type of laser, like Versapulse. These lasers break up and also eliminate the pigmented areas by using short pulses of energy. They show their effect in just one visit.

There is one more anti aging treatment option called photo rejuvenation. In this pulses of broad-spectrum light are used to treat age spots. This treatment option is suitable for patients who have active lifestyles, because it requires no downtime and also has less side effects. The effects of these two options are permanent. But, none of these two can prevent photo damage or future aging.

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