Quit Smoking to Avoid Teenage Wrinkles

Recent times have recorded a steady rise in teenage smoking. Though teenagers indulge in tobacco use with the idea of trying to imitate or mimic adults, they fail to realize the adversities of smoking.

Smoking Causes Premature Wrinkling in Teens

Experts and researches reveal that about eighty percent of the people, who smoke today, began to smoke before the age of eighteen, about twenty people began before thirteen and a close of about five percent began when they were only eight years old.

Nicotine which is one of four thousand components in tobacco affects the brain severely and is the cause of innumerous health ailments and disorders like chronic coughs, lung cancer or heart strokes and premature wrinkling of the skin.

The process is slow and steady. Regular smoking enables the lungs to absorb nicotine from the smoke that is released from cigarettes and cigars. Nicotine can also be absorbed from the mucous membranes of the mouth when tobacco is chewed. This debilitating component hits the brain in a few seconds which directly affects the body in about thirty minutes. Continuous intake implies nicotine accumulation in the body.

Teens are unaware of the fact that smoking causes the skin to dry and the collagen to break down. Collagen is a component of the middle layer of the skin which prevents wrinkling of the skin and renders it healthy by absorbing moisture. Smoking breaks the efficacy of the underlying layers of the skin, and causes premature wrinkling around the mouth and eyes.

Increasing Use of Botox among Teenagers

Media today is on a constant endeavor to glorify youth. Due to this rising demand, teenagers are relying on various medical procedures to attain eternal youth, even before they step into college or television.

This is supported by extensive surveys which claim that, about three million women and men used botox to straighten or prevent the wrinkles on their faces last year. Further, it has also been recorded that young women preferred an ever tightening grip to reduce the wrinkles on their faces.

Nicotine is an addictive substance. Regular smoking can make teenagers addicted to smoking within days or weeks from when they started. This happens because nicotine accumulation encourages the tolerance for further smoking and also discourages the efforts of a person wanting to quit it. Therefore, a teenager used to smoking for more than a year has about eighty percent chances of becoming dependent on it.

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