How to Prevent Tiny Wrinkles

Tiny wrinkles under the eyes do occur even at an early age. There are many teenagers ranging from twelve to eighteen years with these thin lines beneath their eyes. These look like wrinkles. But actually they are not the wrinkles that generally appear on aged people’s face.

These thin and tiny lines are actually a little sagging of skin that generally occurs due to lack of skin care. Over exposure to sun also is harmful for your skin, which may lead to the occurrence of these tiny and thin lines on the face.

Tips to follow in order to prevent tiny wrinkles:

  • Protect your skin from the heat of sun. Use sun screen everyday.
  • Apply sun screen immediately after washing your face.
  • Avoid going to the sun.
  • Use sun glasses in case you go out to sun. This will prevent your eyes from being squeezed due to the glare of the sun.
  • Apply moisturizers to avoid dryness of the skin. Dry skin tends to lose the elasticity earlier than oily skins.
  • Apply heavier moisturizer in case you are going to sleep in an air conditioned room. Air conditioners and
  • room heaters dry out the air and consequently your skin. You can also think of a humidifier for your bed room.
  • Use nourishing face masks for your skin. Face masks will prevent your skin from drying and sagging.
  • You can apply egg yolk on your face. This has a nourishing effect for the skin.
  • Chickpeas and soya beans contain ingredients to combat tiny wrinkles. Therefore, use of those for the skin helps preventing wrinkles.
  • Avoid smoking and the consumption of alcohol. Smoke increases toxin and alcohol brings puffiness in the body. The puffiness causes the skin to stretch and that leads to tiny wrinkles.

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