Low-Energy Plasma Removes Wrinkles Easily

“Multiple low-energy treatments with a plasma skin regeneration tool can work better to treat wrinkles than high-energy treatments for facial wrinkles”, says a recent research study.

In this study, multiple low-energy plasma skin regeneration treatments have shown the same effect on reducing wrinkles as one high-energy session. And, they also take less healing time.

During plasma skin regeneration, energy from plasma is delivered to skin tissues, which stimulates new skin growth in the targeted area. This treatment helps reduce the wrinkle appearance and superficial skin lesions.

The research on multiple low-energy plasma skin regeneration treatments came up with these findings

  • The participants had 37% fewer wrinkles.
  • The participants reported a 68% improvement in facial appearance.
  • It is found that new skin tissue had regrown over the treated area about four days after treatment.
  • There is no scarring or loss of pigment with this treatment.

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