Medical Treatments for Wrinkles

Wrinkles are normally caused by depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin. Wrinkles also form due to sun exposure for prolonged duration or as part of aging process. They are common for dry skin. Genetics and smoking also play an important role in smoking.

There are various types of wrinkle treatments that mainly focus on restoring the skin elasticity. Fine wrinkle lines can be easily treated. But, deep wrinkles can be corrected with plastic surgery. Wrinkle treatment includes several ways – cosmetic cures, medicines and surgical procedures


An injection of Botox helps in making the skin smooth and crease-free by relaxing the muscles just underneath the wrinkle.

Wrinkle fillers

Physicians fill the wrinkles using a variety of substances like collagen and other synthetic compounds. Most popular wrinkle fillers are Restylane, Juvaderm and ArteFill.

Laser/light resurfacing

In this technique the top layer of the skin is removed using a laser or a pulsed diode light. This causes a slight but unnoticeable skin wounding. This makes your skin’s natural collagen-production system more effective and results in smoother and wrinkle-free skin.

Chemical peels

By using a variety of different chemicals the top layer of the skin is ‘burnt way’. This cause skin damage and makes your body produce more collagen. And, you will get a glowing, smoother skin.


When a vacuum suction device is used along with a mild chemical crystal – dermabrasion – it removes the top layer of skin cells. A new and more evenly textured skin forms on the surface. This makes the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin disappear.

Source: webmd.com

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