Home Remedies for Face Wrinkles

The main causes of wrinkles are stress, aging and stress. You need to take better care of the skin around eyes, mouth, nose and neck and moisture those areas. Here are some easy home remedies for face wrinkles.

  • Prepare a paste by mixing 1 tbsp of cold milk and 3-4 drops of limejuice. Before you go to sleep, rub this paste into the wrinkles. Wash your face with warm water next morning and dry with a rough towel. Rub in the cream in the direction opposite to the wrinkles. After ½ an hour wash your face; avoid using soap.
  • Rub the pulp of a ripe Papaya on your face. After ½ an hour wash your face.
  • In upward strokes rub almond oil on the wrinkles, before you go to bed. Wash with warm water next morning.
  • Cut open a Vitamin -E capsule; add ½ tsp of glycerine. Apply the paste on the wrinkles and wash after 15- 20 min.
  • Mix ½ tsp honey and 1 tsp rice powder. Apply the paste on wrinkles. Leave for ½ an hour, and wash.
  • Mix 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp of milk cream. Apply well on your face; wash after 20 min.

Note: To get visible results you should follow the above home remedies everyday for a minimum of 30 – 40 days.

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