Topical Treatments for Wrinkles

Most of your prescription and over-the-counter skin care treatments contain the following ingredients. These ingredients help in fighting against the wrinkles and help you get the healthy skin.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)

AHAs are natural fatty acids that help remove the top skin layer of dead cells and thus free your skin from fine lines and wrinkles. Particularly AHAs are great in removing the under eye wrinkles. When taken in higher concentrations, AHAs can stimulate collagen production in your skin and keep your skin thick and wrinkle-free.


The only topical treatment for wrinkles approved by FDA is tretinoin, which is popular as Retin A. It can effectively treat fine lines and large wrinkles, and also repairs the skin damage caused by sun effect. Retinol is the natural form of Vitamin A and it is common ingredient in most of the over-the-counter skin care products. If taken in higher concentrations in a stabilized formula, Retinol can work with the same effect as Retin A, without any side effects like skin burning.

Topical vitamin C

Topical vitamin C offers lot of benefits to wrinkle sufferers – increases collagen production, corrects pigmentation problems, protects against damage from UVA and UVB rays and improves inflammatory skin conditions.


It is a super-powerful antioxidant and within little time it starts showing its benefits. In a research study it is found that with just 6 weeks of use it offers – 26% reduction in skin roughness and dryness, 37% increase in hydration, 29% decrease in lines and wrinkles, and 33% overall improvement in sun-damaged skin. Even several other studies showed the same results.

Growth factors

Growth factors are proteins that are part of your body’s natural wound-healing response. When these are applied topically, they help in reducing sun damage and also decrease lines and wrinkles. They also help in rejuvenating collagen production.


When topically applied pentapeptides help in collagen production, especially in sun damaged skin areas.

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