How to Control Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a common factor when you age. But, if they appear on your face even when you are young, it’s really bad. Don’t worry about wrinkles. Skin specialists give you the following great tips that can easily control wrinkles.

Eat more fish, especially salmon

Fish are the rich source of proteins and essential fatty acids that nourish your skin and keep it plump and youthful. Especially, Solomon contains pmega-3 an important nutrient for your skin.

Soy for healthy skin

Research studies show that soy has the properties of protecting your skin from the damage caused by sun exposure. It is found that a soy-based supplement helped improve the skin’s structure and firmness after just 6 months of use.

Cocoa for smoother skin

Cocoa contains more amounts of epicatchin and catechin, two flavanols that protect your skin from sun damage. Cocoa helps improve circulation to your skin cells and make your skin smooth.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant compounds that fight skin damage caused by free radicals. This helps your skin look younger and more radiant. Daily intake fruits and vegetables protect your skin from the effects of photoaging.

Use moisturizer

Generally women are more interested in using various beauty products to look young and beautiful. They neglect the importance of keeping their skin moist by using moisturizer. In fact the skin that is moist can make your skin look better.

Wash your face

Washing your face is very important to keep your skin clean and healthy. Don’t use tap water to wash your face as it removes the natural barrier oils and moisture in your skin that offer protection. Also, don’t wash your skin quite often as it washes away the protection. Use soaps that contain moisturizer, or you can use a cleanser instead.

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