Herbal and Ayurvedic Treatment for Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the worst and easily visible symptoms of old age. They are the most unwanted natural occurrence too. Of course, there are many cosmetic ways of treating wrinkles today but they can also lead you to some harmful side effects. Thus to begin with, you should go for the most natural and harmless way of treating wrinkles.
Ayurveda should be your first choice for this because; maintaining eternal physical and mental youth of a person has been a vital part of the studies of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has got in store some very effective home recepies for wrinkles.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Preventing and Treating Wrinkles

Given below are some very useful Ayurvedic herbal remedies which could treat your wrinkles.
1.Make a paste of turmeric and sugarcane juice. Apply this regularly on the wrinkled skin.
2.Apply pure castor oil on the wrinkle every night before going to bed.
3.Perform a gentle face massage on the wrinkles with coconut oil every night before going to bed.
4.Every morning before brushing your teeth eat 1 tea spoon ginger and honey paste.. You can preserve the paste by keeping it in the fridge.
5.The juices strained out from the cucumbers are very useful in curing wrinkles. Apply this regularly on the whole face and wash off after 10 minutes. Do it regularly for 3 weeks.
6.Apply a juice of fresh pineapples and apples daily on the skin. This removes the wrinkles from the skin and makes it look younger.
7.Put some rosemary leaves in two cups of water. Boil them down to half the amount. Then take down from the flame and add half a cup of brandy to it. Strain this mixture and apply it twice a day onto the wrinkled skin.

Dietary Guidelines for Preventing Wrinkles

Maintaining a healthy diet is very essential to uphold the youthfulness of the skin. Following are some dietary guidelines:-
1.Maintain the proper moisture balance of your skin at all times. This can be done by simply having 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day.
2.A diet with the proper vitamin composition is very important.. Vitamins are very important to maintain the health of your skin. Vitamins of the B complex are the most important – which are found in green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, chicken, eggs, beef, etc – followed by vitamins A, C and E.
3.You must have a good amount of fruits in your diet. Remember to cut down your amount of food consumption as you get old.
These are some very helpful tips that you should follow to treat your wrinkles.

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