Facial Make-up to Hide Wrinkles

Though it is very normal to have wrinkles as you start aging, still you donot want to show them some how to the outer world. Proper make-up at this age can help in camouflaging the signs of aging skin, including the wrinkles and other age spots. It is thus very necessary to know how to do the make-up.


  • Apply a moisturizer before the foundation.
  • Collagen and keratin, present in the moisturizers, leave a protein film and thus temporarily stretch the skin.



  • Now apply a foundation with a matte or semi-matte finish.
  • People with dry skin should avoid facial powder
  • If the wrinkles are prominent on the skin then use colored undercover foundations, which are called ‘neutralizers’. These are very effective.



  • The cosmetics that are effective for anti wrinkles also include the Blushes and color washes.
  • These can help conceal the spidery network of dilated capillaries on the nose and cheeks of your face.
  • Use powder blushes as they blend easily on top of foundations.


Eye Shadows

  • Use powder eye shadows than cream based eye shadows.
  • Always remember that the skin under the eyes is very thin and it does not produce as much of the protective oils that keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Cosmetics such as the under-eye gels are aimed at reducing puffiness and dark circles.



  • Apply a lip setting cream or facial foundation before applying lipstick.
  • This will prevent it from bleeding into surrounding wrinkles.
  • Use matte lipsticks with low petroleum content.


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