Know the Side Effects of Wrinkle Fillers

Are they really safe? Do they cause side effects? Do they cause dangers to the skin? are some questions which always strike your mind whenever you think of wrinkle fillers although a number of wrinkle fillers in the market claim 100% safety as well as efficiency.

Chronic inflammation or allergic reactions or any possible risks are rare with wrinkle filler treatment. There are no dangers reported still now with wrinkle fillers but this treatment can cause possible side effects.

Side effects of wrinkle fillers can vary from filler to filler.

Here are the possible side effects of wrinkle fillers:

  • A short-lived swelling and/or inflammation are common at the injected place after the treatment.
  • Sometimes swelling and/or inflammation may become severe.
  • They may cause short lived or long lived allergic reactions.
  • They may cause sarcoidosis.
  • They may cause temporary discoloration.
  • They may cause temporary itching, redness, and bruising.

Know the major problem associated with wrinkle fillers:

The only major problem associated with wrinkle fillers is the possibility of a blood clot if wrinkle filler is injected into a blood vessel.

An Important Note to the Readers:

  • Always go to an experienced and certified physician for wrinkle filler treatment.
  • Make sure to take an allergy test before the treatment.

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