Erase Wrinkles The New Way Without The Help Of Botox

There are various studies coming up which state that ,wrinkles can be eliminated with out the help of Botox. The effects of Botox are said to be very temporary. Keeping this fact in mind, researchers have further explored and have come up with a new way that helps erase out Wrinkles.

Scientists state that it is the newest way to eliminate frown lines and wrinkles without repeatedly visiting the doctor. However, doctors are still researching on the reliability of these tests.

The main disadvantage of Botox is- its effect wears off after a  period of time, forcing one back to get back to the doctor for another shot.

GFX is a new procedure which has come up, it is said to be a better version of Botox.

Methodology Of The New Procedure

It starts off with injections of local anesthesia.

After the area is numbed, a tiny wire is threaded from the outside corner of the eye up above the eye brow. The nerve that causes the frown is pinpointed with a stimulator that causes it to twitch then it’s damaged with heat from radio frequency ablation.

“It’s very focused as to where the damage is delivered,” explained Dr. Brian Buinewicz, who is a plastic surgeon.

 It costs about $ 1,500 and gives great results.

Hoever, there are some risks that include swelling, bruising, and pain.

But there is no gain without pain, this procedure is said to lift up the eyes and is said to last for 18 months.

Some women have tried this procedure and are very happy about it. 

Do ask your doctor about it and try it out.

However, before trying it out do discuss it with the doctor. Only if you are given the green signal, by your doctor,then only should you go ahead with it.

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