Injectable Fillers Help Erase Wrinkles

There are various ways one can eliminate a wrinkle. Botox is the most used source of erasing wrinkles. Another sorce of erasing out wrinkles is -Injectable fillers

Injectable fillers are very different from Botox,  they replace and restore volume under the skin, whereas Botox acts as a chemical blocker that relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles.

Only Wrinkles caused by neuromuscular activity such as the ones in the forehead area are addressed by Botox.  Injectable fillers on the other hand are used to treat wrinkles caused by other factors like excessive sun exposure etc.

Injectable fillers increase the fluid volume in the subdermal area of the skin where they are injected. And because of this factor they are extensively  used  for lip augmentation.

Types of fillers include:


–Used primarily around the nose and mouth areas to smooth out deep wrinkles. It is said to be slightly easier to inject than other fillers and  also is said to last longer than Restylane, its main competitor on the market.


–. Restylane was recently shown to do more than fill areas and stretch skin to smooth out wrinkles. According to a University of Michigan study, Restylane also stimulates natural collagen production in the skin, providing for longer lasting results. 


– This product, until recently, dominated the U.S. marketplace for injectable fillers. The two most common brands of collagen are Zyplast and Zyderm. Their effects also are said to last for a long time. But its necessary that the product be tested prior its use, as it is an animal-based derivative.Testing helps identify any kind of skin allergy.

Composite Fillers

– Said to be the most recent development in injectable fillers . It is a soft easily absorbable gel, comprising a layer of microspheres.

The basic principle behind these fillers is that while the gel is quickly absorbed, the spheres last. The microspheres then provide a matrix around which the body produces natural collagen, leading to long-lasting or even permanent improvement.

The two types of fillers which are most in demand in the United States are Juvederm and Restylane, due to its long lasting effects.

Before you go in for Injectable Fillers, please consult an expert and only when it is said to be applicable to you, please try it out.



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