10 Commandments That Never Fail To Cause Wrinkles

These are some things, which we do unknowingly that lead to the cause of wrinkles. However, if wrinkles have already been formed on your skin, heeding to the advice given below can help one reduce wrinkles.

Also, for some of you, these points will be helpful in preventing wrinkles.

Here’s our top ten list of anti aging skin care mistakes which causes one to look old before  time:

1. Using tanning beds or booths –

Looks often are given primary importance by many people and “Tanning” is often considered to be the means to achieve that look.

 Tanning according to studies does a lot of harm to the skin.  Rays emitted during tanning are said to cause more harm than sunshine.

Also, every time you step out in the sun never fail to apply sunscreen on your skin.

 2. Getting too little rest

– Depriving oneself of a good night’s sleep often leads to wrinkles.  Instead of taking rest we often spend the night working over some project or office file.

3. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated

– We allow our skin to sag, droop and fade away by not drinking plenty of water each day. Water keeps our skin hydrated and prevents it from drooping.

4. Wearing too much makeup or using outdated application techniques

– Chemicals in the make up tend to harm the skin, thus stealing the healthy look from our skin.

5. Eating a steady diet of processed foods

– We are educated day in and day out about the benefits of a healthy diet. But still find it hard to follow.

6.Using the same skincare products you used twenty years ago

– If you’ve been using the same skincare products for several years – or always – it’s time to review what works and what could work a lot better. Most likely your cosmetic box needs a few changes to suit your current needs.

7. Deciding that plastic surgery or expensive cosmetic procedures are the only way to deal with aging skin

– Desperation often causes us to take drastic steps.  Surgery is not the only option. There are various home remedies available which help rejuvenate the skin. 

8. Experiencing chronic stress and keeping busy schedules

– This is another major cause of wrinkle formation. So relax and take life a little easier.

9. Going to bed without washing your face

–This act of ours leads to accumulation of dirt on the skin leading to pimples and wrinkles later on. So, no matter how tired you are always wash your face before going to bed.

10. Failing to consistently follow a skin care program

– We are so caught up with work that we fail to follow a skin program regularly. We tend to shift between two or three skin regimes and end up causing more harm to our skin in the bargain.

These are 10 commandments, which we should always break. Remember a healthy skin is equivalent to glowing skin.

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