Fillers How Suitable Are They ?

Fillers are extensively employed and are used by many. But then how would you know which filler is suitable for your skin?
Here is a list of five fillers, which doctors find to be very effective. Check out how they work, the duration they last and the price one needs to pay in order to look good.

1.Artefill :

According to doctors , this filler has permanent effects. According to doctors  “It’s the first permanent filler.” Typically, used on deep folds between the nose and mouth. Artefill is the longest lasting filler, up to five years. And it’s the most expensive at about 15-hundred dollars a treatment. But if there’s a problem it’s hard to reverse. One has to actually surgically remove it.”

2.Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast:

These two fillers are. temporary fixes. Both treat scars and fine lines around the eyes. Results last just 3 to 4 months. The cost: 350-500 dollars.

3.Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane:

Is the third most popular filler used in America? They share the same ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, which binds water up to a thousand times its weight. It’ll plump lips; fill in deep folds and lasts about six months to a year. The cost comes up to 500-700 dollars. 


is another kind of filler made from bone. It fills in large areas on the face, hands and feet. Results last up to 2 years and it costs 800 dollars.


rounds out the top five. Used mainly in large areas like the cheek or hands. Results last one to 2 years with the price around 1,200 dollars.


a cure we all know. Though not a filler ,It does work on wrinkles. It helps block muscle activity. When the muscles don’t move, neither will the skin, so the wrinkles will temporarily relax. No matter which route you chose.

Always make sure of one thing, the filler you’re using should be FDA approved and the person injecting should be licensed to do so.

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