Microdermabrasion Helps Treat Wrinkles

There are various forms of treatments for wrinkles, Microdermabrasion is one of them.
It refers to various numbers of techniques that help remove the superficial layer of the skin.

Also known as “Skin -freshening technique”, it helps repair facial skin, which suffers from the glare of the sun and aging.

The surgeon uses a device, which helps scrape out the dead skin gently from the face. It has a sand paper effect. Once the dead skin is scraped out the skin becomes smooth.

This process causes faster cell production and replacement, which further encourages improved cell nutrition, improved skin elasticity and improved skin texture.

Also, performing microdermabrasion in conjunction with topical therapy can enhance the penetration of some of the topical treatments as well.

Side Effects

There may be a little bit of redness and swelling that is very minimal and may last for a couple hours. In case of aggressive treatments, there may be a little bruising or a suction mark from one of the suction-based devices.


· Stimulates collagen regeneration in a controlled manner.
· Stimulates blood flow to your facial skin
· Increases nutrition to the skin cells and enhances the skin’s natural regenerative process.
· Major reduction of the appearance of facial wrinkles and premature ageing lines.
· Enhanced penetration of topical products after treatment.
· After several weeks of microdermabrasion treatments, the skin is softer, has improved  function, is more tolerant of environmental abuse, is less sensitive, is better hydrated and has the appearance of less wrinkles and dark spots.

This treatment may not be suitable for all skin types so go in for this treatment only if your doctor permits you too.

Our skin is the most valuable asset we posess, take care of it before it worsens and cannot be subjected to any treatment.

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