Moisturizers That Help Disguise Wrinkles

Moisturizers cannot prevent wrinkles but they help disguise it.

“There’s not too much you can do to change your skin once it’s damaged, but you can change its appearance—plump up wrinkles, add collagen,” says Angela Campbell, an esthetician with Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Portland, Ore.

Facial moisturizers are of two types:




. Daytime moisturizers are designed to stay on the skin’s surface to form or reinforce the natural protective film, preventing moisture loss.

They make the skin look fresh by protecting against outside pollutants and bacteria. Night creams on the other hand are formulated to absorb into the skin, providing more nourishment.

Water and oils being natural moisturizers are frequently the chief ingredients of anti-aging products. Moisturizers with water or gel bases, including aloe vera are recommended for people having a oily skin.

Also, natural sources like peppermint, lemon, licorice, hops, rosemary; horse chestnut, rose chamomile and lemon sage are oil- or blemish-reducing ingredients that also have moisturizing properties.

Vitamin C does double duty as an antioxidant and blemish fighter. Also, natural moisturizing ingredients like

sodium PCA

helps retain water in cells.

Hyaluronic acid,

made from the substance that surrounds plant and animal cells is also a natural hydrator.It works like a lubricant and makes the skin feel nice and smooth. It retains a lot of water and keeps it there, hydrating your skin


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