Yoga Face Lift Helps Erase Wrinkles

 Yoga face lift is another great way of erasing out wrinkles. Exercising the face muscles with the help of your fingers -is what this new cure promotes.  Facial exercises when done in the right way prove to be very helpful. But, when done wrongly they lead to more wrinkles.

Here are some simple ways of doing out the

facial exercises


Start pushing your jaw line with your fingers. As soon as you reach your chin, push your way upwards towards your cheeks with five push-ups. And we’re off to the cheeks. Grab your anchor fingers and smile without moving your lips.

Your face may feel tired after these exercises. But this sign of tiredness is a good omen. It means that something good is going to happen to your face.

Another very beneficial massage is


This technique helps drain out excess fluid from the neck, giving it a very toned look. It also keeps the jaw line firm, reduces sagging of skin and best of all reduces stress.

These massages require one to slowly and gently push up the skin from the neck to the hollows of your collarbone.

So you start by moving up your fingers from your neck to your chin, then you slowly and gently push up the skin under your jawbone towards your ear lobes. Once at the ear lobes you finally push the skin towards the hollows of your collarbone.

This exercise should be done three times a day.

Try out these exercises, they may prove to be very helpful. It may take some time but they sure will bring about results.

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