Sweet Tooth? Then Face Wrinkles Can Be A Problem

Skin can appear dull and wrinkled if one takes too much of sugar. Excessive intake of sugar can cause a reaction known as glycation. Excessive sugar molecules get attached to the collagen fibers, which lose flexibility and strength. This makes the skin vulnerable to lines, sagging and sun damage. Naturally, sugar addicts will have to watch out. The choice is clear- to eat more sugar and age faster or reduce sugar intake and preserve looks. Why the need to do so? Let us see.

Why Sugar Causes Face Wrinkles?

  • Skin loses its elasticity
  • The body accumulates more of advanced glycation end products known as AGE, which damage protein in the bloodstream
  • The skin becomes brittle and dry, causing wrinkles
  • AGEs also deactivate the skin’s mechanism to produce antioxidant enzymes
  • The skin becomes vulnerable to sun damage
  • Those who suffer from Diabetes, which has not been detected for a very long time, also age faster

Cure for Sugar Caused Face Wrinkles

  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Consumption of sugar should be controlled. It should be 10% of your total daily calorie consumption
  • One should avoid processed foods which contain extra sugar
  • Take more vitamin B, particularly B1 and B6 and Vitamin C
  • Stop smoking
  • Take more anti-oxidant-rich fruits, nut and vegetables like cranberries, walnuts etc
  • Do not take high fructose corn syrup
  • Use a sunscreen
  • Vitamin C helps to fight wrinkles

Sugar is tasty no doubt, but also harmful to skin if taken in excess. Looks are important and one would like to look younger. Take less sugar and save your face from wrinkles.

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