Nanotechnology for Ageless Look

One is always eager to get rid of wrinkles. A young look is appealing and one would like to go in for such a look. Creams are available and cosmetic surgery is another option that men and women prefer. Now, one has nanotechnology at one’s doorstep. Sounds interesting. What is nanotechnology all about? How does it help get rid of wrinkles? Let us find out.

Why Nanotechnology To Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Infintely small nanoparticles can be used between films to smoothen out the tiny buckles that cause wrinkles. A Michigan State University assistant professor of chemical engineering Ilsoon Lee, accompanied by Ph.D student Hendricks discovered that nanoparticles can prevent thin polymer films from wrinkling and buckling. Nanoparticles ward off dreaded buckles in human skin.

If buckling can be prevented at the very beginning, then wrinkling can be prevented on a large scale. Nanoparticles can penetrate deeper into the skin, transporting vitamins and some compounds to smooth and plump tissue. Thin films can be injected under the thinning outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. This epidermis normally stiffens over a period of time and buckles with aging.

Nanoparticles tend to spread in a thin film, which break up the compressive forces. The force when reduced below the buckling strain, will result in the film not buckling. When there are no buckles, there are no wrinkles. These wrinkle- free films will deflect or absorb stress and remain flat. The skin remains smooth.

Nanotechnology is effective on the particular part it is used. Also, it is safe to use it for eye lifting procedures. It will also make its entry into artificial skin surgical procedures. Yet, skin products using nanotechnology are being tested clinically. It has to be cleared for toxicity.

Latest technology is always welcome to get rid of ugly wrinkles. Nanotechnology seems to be a good option to try out. After all, one likes to look young.

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