Worried About Breast Implant Wrinkling? Know More About It.

Women go in for breast implants to augment their breasts and fail to realize that it can result in wrinkling at the surface of such implants. In case the wrinkling is less, then it is not detectable, but if it is more, then it shows through the skin. Breast implant wrinkling is due to certain implant styles and anatomical placements. This form of wrinkling is also known as implant creasing or implant distortion.

Wrinkles may appear on the outer side of the arm, alongside the bottom, and onto the cleavage. In case the implant is not filled up to its optimum level, then it may require an overfill, resulting in wrinkles on the breasts. If the implant is not filled, it can be placed under the muscle to cover up the wrinkles.

Factors That Lead to Increased Apparent Wrinkling

  • Thin patients who have thin fat layer
  • A small pre-operative size of the breast is small
  • The implant size is large
  • A silicone fill rather than saline
  • Less volume of saline inside
  • Implants that are textured-surface

Factors That Reduce Apparent Wrinkling

  • Patients who are on the heavier side and have fat layers that are thick
  • Pre-operative size of the breast is large
  • Silicone fill rather than saline
  • An implant size that is small
  • Implants which have smooth surface
  • Saline inside should be at the optimum level

Implant wrinkling is visible when the women is bending forward or lying down on her back. These wrinkles can change the look of the breast mound drastically.

Saline breast implants cause more ripples as compared to silicone breast implant. Overfilling might cause the condition in rare circumstances, but in the case of underfilling the condition is definitely apparent. Designs, which are of high profile, wrinkle less often, whereas cohesive silicone gel implants will not wrinkle at all.

How to Cope Up With Breast Implant Wrinkling?

Women who suffer from wrinkles on account of their implants not being filled to the optimum level would require an operation, in order to add a table spoonful of saltwater. The implants should be filled to the optimum level to avoid being re-operated. Visible wrinkling is more noticeable due to textured breast implants

Whatever said and done one should consult a qualified plastic surgeon in order to tackle the problem of breast implant wrinkling. It does worry you. Wrinkling of the breast may not be something you would like to bear with.

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