Bothered About Sleep Wrinkles…Here Are Some Solutions

Sleeping on your face for years causes wrinkles. Pressing the face against the pillow adds to those fine lines near the eyes and on the face. Who likes them? Nobody does. One would like to prevent such wrinkles, since one has to sleep anyway. How?

Tips to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

  • Sleep on your back. Those who sleep in this position do not develop wrinkles
  • In case, it is difficult to sleep on one’s back, then use a pillow that causes less wrinkles. One can sleep on a non-synthetic pillow. Also pillows with natural fills, such as feathers, offer much comfort and increase facial circulation. They reduce wrinkles
  • Avoid sleeping on the side, as wrinkles will appear on the cheek and chin
  • Pillows are also available that prevent wrinkles. They correct facial lines
  • A hard cotton pillow creases the skin. It is better to avoid one
  • One should avoid sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. A satin or silk pillowcase would be better as the face would slide down, thus preventing wrinkles
  • A copper technology pillowcase would be a good option. Copper micro fiber are embedded into it, which repair the skin during sleep. Copper stimulates the production of collagen which prevents wrinkles

Sleep well and in proper position to prevent wrinkles. The choice of pillow makes a lot of difference. Go in for a pillow that prevents wrinkles. After all one cannot avoid sleeping.

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