Use Citric Acid To Treat Wrinkles

One is always keen to get rid of wrinkles. Several products are available in the market, which can help you in getting rid of them. Alpha-hydroxy acids help in improving the dermis and epidermis of photo-damaged skin. Citric acid also does the same. How?

How Is Citric Acid Useful to Treat Wrinkles?

  • A peel solution consisting of citric acid, available in citrus fruit, is applied on the skin. This peel is left on the skin without one having to worry about any adverse reactions. The solution remains on the skin till it turns pink. It is then neutralized with sodium bicarbonate solution, which causes bubbles. On the bubbles being resolved, one can assume the peel procedure is over. A water solution can be used in order to neutralize the peeling system
  • Citric acid can improve enlarged pores, fine lines, brown spots as well as wrinkles
  • Citric acid is a peeling agent which is effective in treating photo-damaged skin
  • Citric acid can moisturize and exfoliate the skin
  • It can also reduce pigment production among those have melasma
  • The skin is thickened as the ground substance in the dermis is increased

Citric acid can get rid of wrinkles. A citric acid peel can do wonders to your skin. Try it out.

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