Worry More, Wrinkle More

Modern day life styles have been causing much worry and tension. The fast pace of life is having its toll on people. They are aging faster. They worry a lot, about health, money and personal relationships. Worry adds wrinkles. You can often tell a person’s problems by the wrinkles on the face. What is the link between worry and wrinkles? Let us understand it better.

How Does Worry Cause Wrinkles?

  • Due to emotional and mental strain, the facial muscles are also under pressure. They tighten up and get tensed. This could lead to stress wrinkles
  • When one is worried, one does not sleep properly. Lack of sleep also adds to wrinkles
  • Fast food habits have changed dietary habits and people are eating less of fruits and vegetables and nutritious food. This affects the skin. Poor diet is bad for the skin
  • Pollution has also affected the texture of the skin. A lot of chemicals are prevalent in the air which damage the skin
  • Due to changing lifestyle, one is aging faster. The stresses and strains are affecting the overall health. Personal relationships are strained and complicated, and the person involved is under tremendous strain. The skin gets affected due to these personal pressures
  • Too much of makeup to cover deficiencies in the skin are also causing wrinkles. Many men and women like to look younger and often use too much makeup to hide the indicators of age. Too much makeup also causes wrinkles
  • Many men and women are drinking too much of alcohol due to personal pressures. Excessive alcohol is bad for the skin
  • As we grow older we tend to frown, which causes wrinkling of the skin

Avoid stress and worry. Lead a carefree life and have fewer wrinkles. A glowing skin reflects good health. Premature wrinkling just indicates the worries and tensions that one is exposed to. A relaxed life could just mean fewer wrinkles.

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