Would You Like to Have Less Wrinkles…Skin Exfoliation is the Answer

Face reflects good health. A healthy glow is indicative of it. Skin exfoliation provides you with the natural look that you are craving for. Removing dead cells is essential for the skin to rejuvenate itself again. Skin exfoliation simply means removing dead cells from the skin and increasing the moisture absorption capacity of the skin, reducing fine lines and acne. It makes the skin look younger.

Dull skin appearance is due to accumulation of dead skin. The cellular renewal process of an aging skin also slows down. Regular skin exfoliation can resolve all these problems, unless your skin is very sensitive, or is mature or you are suffering from a skin disorder.

Types of Skin Exfoliation

Mechanical skin exfoliation means using scrubs, buffing creams, exfoliating masks or a washcloth. One uses pieces of grit (some are found in walnut shells and apricot pits), which are rubbed onto the skin to remove the dead cells. The complexion of the skin is improved considerably.

Chemical exfoliation requires the use of gels, creams and lotions after the skin has been dried and cleansed. An excellent sunscreen needs to be used as chemical skin exfoliation can make the skin sensitive to sunlight.

Process of Skin Exfoliation

  • One should exfoliate weekly or in a couple of days. Then in a limited way under the supervision of a therapist
  • Normal exfoliation can be carried out every three weeks, although in some cases it can be reduced to two weeks. Overall, three weeks is a good time period for exfoliation
  • The exfoliation should be done in a gentle manner. One should avoid any kind of harshness
  • One should not exfoliate the area around the eyes
  • Areas such as the legs or buttocks can be scrubbed with great vigor. Facial exfoliation should be done in a gentle manner
  • One must use products, which are exclusively designed for the face. Products meant for the body may be too harsh on the face

Benefits of Skin Exfoliation

  • The skin glows. Complexion improves
  • The removal of dead cells prevents clogging of pores, which in turn causes breakouts or blackheads
  • Aging skin is revived
  • Skin looks healthy and fresh
  • It helps skin nourishing products to penetrate easily into the skin
  • Increase the process of cell renewal

Look beautiful with a wrinkle free skin. Go in for regular skin foliation. Let the skin look bright and younger looking. A dull skin can make you look very unattractive and result in more wrinkles.

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