New Carbon Dioxide-based Fractional Laser For Wrinkle Cure

A new carbon dioxide-based fractional laser, combining minutely focused columns of laser- induced injury with heat disposition for quick recovery time and less skin damage has been made available to patients to reduce wrinkles. This new type of laser, deployed by the UT Southwestern Medical Center penetrates deep into the skin to lessen wrinkles, treat pigmentation and tighten surface structures.

Dr. Kenkel, Director, Clinical Center for Cosmetic Laser Treatment and chief of plastic surgery at the Veteran Administration Medical Center, Dallas holds the view that these carbon dioxide lasers can help in deep skin changes. They are able to deposit heat into the skin, thus improving wrinkles and tightening of the skin.

These laser treatments can be performed in an office and on an out-patient basis. It would require local or regional anesthesia. Recovery time is related to the type of procedure. Many would prefer non-surgical treatment.

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