Cooked Tomatoes Can Cure Wrinkles

Eating a pizza topped with tomato paste can help prevent sunburn and also cure pre-mature wrinkles. A study conducted by researchers at Manchester and Newcastle observed that volunteers who ate tomato paste over a 12- week period had a skin that was more protected against sun-rays as compared to those who did not consume the paste.

Eating tomatoes, was as good as a using a sunscreen. It also helped prevent the ageing of the skin. Scientists are of the view that the powerful antioxidant found in the tomatoes called lycopene is responsible for it. This antioxidant neutralizes the harmful molecules produced in the skin due to its exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun.

The skin is subjected to pre-mature wrinkling due to exposure to the sun. Prof Birch-Machin, who led the Newcastle team found that tomato contained the powerful antioxidant, lycopene which got absorbed into the body when processed or cooked into a paste or ketchup. Cooking or processing of tomato in such a form makes it more effective than raw tomatoes.

Lycopene is the bright red pigment found in a number of red fruits and vegetables. It is at high level when cooked as a paste. It also reduced the damage to mitochondrial DNA, which is linked to the ageing of the skin. This anti-oxidant protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Incidentally, over-exposure to sun can causes wrinkles.

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