Wrinkles Govern Cigarette Purchases

Wrinkles, skin sags and crow’s feet will be taken into account, while purchasing cigarettes through vending machines located in Japan. This is to ensure that those purchasing cigarettes are of legal age. The legal purchasing cigarettes is 20 in Japan.

The 570,000 cigarette vending machine operators are bound by the July regulation to ensure that cigarette buyers are of legal age. Keeping this in view the Fujitaka Company has evolved a system, which will take note of facial features to identify age. The customer will peep into a digital camera, which will be attached to vending machine. The facial characteristics , which include wrinkles surrounding the bone structure, the eyes and skin sags are compared to the facial characteristics information of over 100,000 people.

Facial recognition will permit the buyer to purchase. As long as there are certain facial changes, one can purchase cigarettes. These changes indicate the age of the person, that he or she is of legal age for cigarette purchasing. This would prevent minors from purchasing cigarettes with the help of a borrowed identification card.

There has been considerable decline in under age smokers in Japan. The problem of minors smoking is of much concern to anti-smoking activists and parents. Efforts to control the smoking habits of children who are not of legal age to smoke are welcome.

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