Plant-based Antioxidant to Fight Wrinkles

A plant- based antioxidant, which delays the aging process by countering collagen breakdown, has been isolated and has been researched upon by Dr.Orit Bossi at the Hebrew University.

Anti-oxidants work against free radicals, which are responsible for the breakdown of many tissues in the body as well as the skin. In small quantities, free radicals are not harmful. In fact, they are involved in several physical processes. Excessive free radicals due to normal aging or ultraviolet rays of the sun result in the breakdown of the elastin fibers and collagen in the skin. This leads to reduced skin elasticity, causing wrinkles.

Dr. Bossi is of the view that many commercial antioxidants, which are meant to retard aging, available in the market oxidize easily. This makes them less efficient. Vitamin C oxidizes quickly and remains effective for longer period of time. The same applies to antioxidant EGCG found in green tea as well as Vitamin E. The antioxidant used by Dr. Bossi in her research can bear high temperature, takes time to oxidize and is soluble in water. It thus lasts for a longer time.

Dr. Bossi favors cosmetic products of a new generation which will not only fight wrinkles, but will combat wrinkles that have formed at a deeper level of the skin, as compared to the existing available products.

The research was conducted on mice skin tissue, which is similar to that of humans.

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