Fat Molecules in Tropical Applications Reduce Wrinkles

Tropical applications that contain fat molecules that occur naturally help slow down aging of the skin. These damages to the skin may be due to natural causes, such as normal aging of the skin, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The skin becomes coarse and it wrinkles. These findings were highlighted in a study conducted by Jin Ho Chung and colleagues.

How fat molecules in tropical applications slow down aging?

Wrinkles develop when the natural causes lower the collagen levels. The levels of enzymes known as MMPs tend to damage the collagen. As part of the research, skin cells were taken as sample cells. Three of the lipids in these samples could prevent the UV rays of the sun from reducing collagen and increase the MMPs. They also increased collagen levels in undamaged cells of the skin. Among these three lipids, the phosphatidylserine (PS) molecule was the most promising. It was tested on human skin.

The researchers applied a 2% PS solution to smaller areas of the buttock among the young as well as the old. The younger skin was in due course given UV radiation dose in order to simulate the damage caused by the sun. The PS treatment helped in the prevention of collagen reduction. It also increased MMPs as compared to having no treatment at all.

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