How Does Tretinoin- Wrinkles Treatment Work?

Tretinoin is a vitamin A compond which is effective in treating wrinkles. Tretinoin for wrinkles is used in its topical form. Tretinoin which is marketed under the brand name Retin- A is also used to treat acne, keratosis pilaris, stretch marks and darkened skin areas.

How Does Tretinoin- Wrinkles Treatment Work?

Tretinoin increases the cell growth and produces smoother and younger looking skin. Tretinoin works by irritating the skin, which results in increased turnover of cells. As the old cells are replaced by new cells, wrinkles and darkened skin areas are reduced. If you have acne, the existing pimple cells ar replaced by new cells. Sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone, acne, stretch marks, skin discoloration– can all be reduced with the action of tretinoin.

Tretinoin is also known to neutralize free radicals. The free radicals are oxygen molecules which are responsible for breaking down the skin and causing pimples. Tretinoin reduces wrinkles by neutralizing free radicals and reducing the incidence of wrinkles.

It may take about 6 months to see notable difference in this treatment. However, sun-damaged skin be reduced in the first 3 weeks of the treatment.

As Tretinoin increases cell turnover, there can be flaking and irritation of skin. Hence, it is recommended to use tretinoin every alternate night or every third night. Initially, the skin irritation and flaking can be more- howevever, gradually the body would adjust to the treatment and you can apply it regularly.

Tretinoin-Wrinkles treatment is approved by FDA for wrinkles treatment and you would need a prescription for getting this medicine. Do consult your dermatologist for getting Tretinoin to reduce your pimples.

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