Shea Butter Skin Care For Wrinkles

Shea butter is an ivory-colored fat derived from the nuts of Shea tree. It is used in many beauty products. It has moisturizing, emollient and anti-aging properties. Shea butter is gentle on the skin and also offers protection from the sun. Using it can help you to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.

Properties of Shea Butter:

Moisturizing products can ease out the fine lines, and shea butter has essential fatty acids which can moisturize your skin deeply. It has vitamins A and E which have anti-oxidant properties and keep the skin from aging. Vitamin F present in the shea butter can rejuvenate the skin and smoothen the rough skin.

Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause wrinkles. Shea butter offers sun protection as it contains cinnamic acid. Fatty acids and vitamins also provide sun protection. The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter can help in treating dry skin, sun burn, and wounds.

Shea butter contains vitamin E, vitamin A, cinnamic acid, phenolic acid, phytosterols. Applying it can ease your wrinkles and help you to have healthy skin.

Pure shea butter is available in the market. Due to the presence of vegetable fats and vitamins, shea butter can rejuvenate the skin and remove the wrinkles. For application of shea butter, put some of it on your hand and let it warm. Now spread it evenly on your face. You can apply this during the night and you would wake up with softer and moisturized skin in the morning.

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