Anti-Wrinkle Pillows: Do They Work?

Do you know that sleeping causes wrinkles? It is true. When we sleep on one side, our face is pressed against the pillow. This can lead to facial lines, eye wrinkles and it can speed up the formation of crow’s feet. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers have come up with a new anti-wrinkle pillow. This pillow elevates the face and does not press against the cheek, thus reducing the formation of facial lines and wrinkles.

Sleeping and Wrinkle Formation:

Many people sleep sideways. In this position, the skin is squeezed and crushed. This can lead to wrinkles; these wrinkles are also known as compression wrinkles. The compression wrinkles formed due to the squeezing of skin can intensify as we age.

For people faced with this problem, sleeping on the back would solve the problem. However, many people find it difficult to sleep on their backs. In such cases, using an anti-wrinkle pillow would be beneficial.

How Does an Anti-wrinkle Pillow Work?

An anti-wrinkle pillow is designed in such a way as to eliminate the pressure on the cheeks while sleeping. The pillows have a hollow depth in their design. When the person sleeps on the pills, his/her head and chin would be resting on the pillow, but the cheeks would not have any stress.

Other anti-wrinkle pillows have a double-crescent shape. These pillows elevate the head and have a gap near the cheeks. They do not strain the cheeks or facial muscles.

If you are worried about sleep wrinkles, try sleeping on your back. Silk pillows are also supposed to be beneficial in reducing sleep wrinkles. However, if you are a side-sleeper and would like to prevent sleep wrinkles, get yourself an anti-wrinkle pillow.

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