Lip enhancement – natural lip enhancement

Lip enhancement is basically done to improve your facial appearance. It increases the fullness of the lip thus, making you look even more attractive. Lip enhancement also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines above and around the lip making you look young and youthful.

Materials and techniques used for lip enhancement

Some of the first widely used substances were
Autologen, Collagen, Radiance, Dermalogen etc.

The current popular techniques and substances are:

  • Fat transfer:

    In this method, fat from different parts of the body is cut and then injected or surgically placed in the lip.

  • Restylane:

    A gel very close to hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body is injected into the lip.

  • Artecoll:

    Artecoll and ArteFill contain very tiny microspherescalled polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA. This remains in the face forever

There is another popular procedure surgeons offer these days called the surgical flap augmentation. In this method, small areas of skin near the lip or inside the mouth are cut and then injected into the lip. The only disadvantage of this technique is that it doesn’t add volume to the lip.

Effects and Risks of lip enhancement

Mostly patients are very satisfied with the lip enhancement procedure. The reactions that can take place are swelling, redness and itching at the injected area. Other possible complications that may occur are bleeding and uneven lips.

Patients allergic to local anesthesia should avoid lip injections.

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