Active FX Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Active FX laser Resurfacing treatment is a new treatment offered by the Ultra Pulse Encore CO2 laser resurfacing device. Advantage of this treatment is that the healing times are reduced when compared to other CO2 laser treatments. People desiring for quick recuperation are advised for this treatment.

Benefits of Active FX Resurfacing Treatment:

This treatment removes the evidences created by the sun such as discoloration, wrinkles and, also improves the depressions in skin caused due to scars of acne. It is a fractional laser procedure which can be performed in a single sitting. It also takes less time i.e., 30min when compared to other CO2 laser treatments. It takes 5 days for healing and the patients can observe the results from then. Skin tone and texture improve few months after the treatment provided proper care is taken to the skin. Exposure to harmful sun rays should be avoided.

Working of Active FX Resurfacing Treatment:

During this treatment, abnormal tissues are removed and stimulate the growth of new collagen with only single laser beam pass. This also provides more support and elasticity to the skin. This skin targets the cells in the uppermost layer of the skin i.e., epidermis and reveals the skin looking younger, and fresh looking also.

After the treatment, skin turns moderately red and then changes to slight brown as the sun damages the outer layer of the skin. Patients are suggested to have shower twice in a day to maintain the moist in the skin. The skin heals after 5 days and is moderately red which can be covered by the makeup. Wrinkles around the lips require multiple passes of Active FX but the problem cannot be cured completely. But improvement is observed.

Active FX Laser Resurfacing Treatment saves the cost and time of the patients while other CO2 treatments require multiple sittings.

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