Premature Wrinkles

Wrinkles are mainly caused by the thin skin. These wrinkles are mainly observed on the face, hands and neck. These appear on the skin when the collagen and elastic content in the tissues decrease. Less fat content also cause wrinkles.

Premature wrinkles are seen on the sensitive and very delicate skin like eyes, neck and neck. Some lines may be temporary but become permanent and deeper in the long run. Wrinkles appear due to excessive exposure of skin to sun radiation. Free radicals present in the cigarette smoke hastens the wrinkles.

Exposing skin to harsh lights, dust, chemicals and, air pollutants also cause wrinkles in the mere future. Smiling also causes lines around mouth and also lines on the forehead. Stress and heavy usage of drugs is also one of the reasons for premature wrinkles. If the weight reduces drastically, fat levels in the skin reduces and sagging takes place.

Loss in vitamin-E deteriorates quality of the skin. When people rub the eyes continuously it affects the skin around the eyes. People with naturally dry skin are more prone to premature wrinkles.

Solution for Premature Wrinkles:

  • Apply sunscreen lotion containing Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 or more. Apply this 15minutes before exposing skin to sun radiation.
  • Wear sunglasses and hat to protect face.
  • Having fresh fruits will nourish the skin and have less tendency to damage.
  • Stop smoking to keep skin healthy.
  • Nourish the skin with natural skin cream.
  • Skin Cream for Premature Wrinkles:

    Various skin creams are available in the market but only few creams are good. Creams with chemicals should be avoided. Go through the ingredients and check for some chemicals like


    (causes cancer in the future),


    (irritates skin) and,

    mineral oils

    (makes skin dry).

    Check for natural ingredients such as Cynergy( increases collagen content), Phytessence Wakame (nourishes skin) and some plant oils (keeps skin moisturised).

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