Weight Loss Wrinkles

During the process of losing weight people does not want wrinkles to incur. It might be thrilling and exciting while losing weight but its really heartbreaking when wrinkles appear on the face. This is because of the loss of fat, elasticity in the skin weakens, dehydration and, also the collagen content decreases.

The following measures can be followed to avoid wrinkles during weight loss.

  • People should make sure that they stay well hydrated. Water is essential to keep the firm, elastic and, maintains the skin glow. Water flushes out the toxins that cause damage to the skin during weight loss. This is true for people with naturally dry skin.
  • Food containing high protein should be taken during weight loss. This retains the collagen levels as it keeps the body and muscles healthy. People losing weight should make sure that they get enough proteins in their diet to maintain collagen levels.
  • Proper skin care should be taken during weight loss to avoid wrinkles. A non greasy and good quality cream should be used to maintain elasticity. People who are aging and are in the process of losing weight should use a cream which suits their skin type. Else consult a dermatologist for better suggestions.
  • Use moisturisers which does not contain fragrance. Check the ingredients as pores may enlarge with astringents and can cause wrinkles.
  • Weight should be reduced in a right way by preparing a plan. This prevents wrinkles from appearing. A good diet is necessary during weight loss to avoid wrinkles.
  • Use cold water for face and patting dry the face in the upward direction. If hot water is used, end with cold water as this stops the pores from opening and stretching the skin.
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