Chin Wrinkles

Since everybody move the mouth in daily life, its common that wrinkles appear on the chin. Wrinkles occur due to various reasons ranging from exposing skin to harmful sun rays to loss of elasticity in the skin due to age. Chin wrinkles can be reduced by following some simple tips. Its important that one should stick to one skin care regime for long term results.

The following tips can be followed to get rid of chin wrinkles.

  1. Before going to bed cleanse the face regularly. Remove makeup before sleeping as this encourages wrinkles. Clean the face to remove dust, debris and, dirt on the skin.
  2. Apply moisturizer every morning. Dryness in the skin leads to facial lines and wrinkles. It is suggested that skin should be hydrated. Opt for moisturizer that best suites the skin.
  3. Apply broad spectrum sunscreen lotion to the chin. Harmful sun radiation is one of the contribution for the wrinkles and even cause dark spots. Avoid sun radiation in the peak hours.
  4. Drink lots of water to retain moisture in the skin internally while moisturizer retains externally. Drink more than 64oz of water. People consuming caffeine beverages should have more water.
  5. Apply anti wrinkle cream in the night because skin handles more moisture in the night times. Check for hydroxy acid in the ingredients before choosing the anti wrinkle cream. This acid increases the production of cell and makes skin to look younger.
  6. Avoid tension in the chin tension throughout the day. Holding these tensions for longer periods of time results in the formation of wrinkles. Check for these and try to get rid if tensions.
  7. Take diet that is rich proteins and vitamins. Proper nutrition prevents wrinkles and check for multivitamin food and fresh food.


  • Vitamins A,C and E are essential for healthy skin, make sure that these vitamins are present in the diet.
  • Smoking also causes fine lines and wrinkles.
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