How to Prevent Premature Wrinkles

It is inevitable to display facial lines and wrinkles. Many people are prone to premature wrinkles. The following tips may be useful for those suffering from premature wrinkles.

  • Use sunscreen lotion with Sun Protection Factor (SPF-15) with at least 15. To protect lips apply lip balm along with sunscreen lotion. Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from ultra violet radiation. Sunglasses also protect from cataracts.
  • Avoid foods that contain sugar in large amounts. Heavy intake of sugar results in wrinkles and skin becomes tough. Collagen is damaged by sugar. This damaged collagen looks dry and sagged. Drink lots of water and avoid beverages.
  • Beans, berries, apricots, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, fish, sweet potatoes and, almonds prevent formation of wrinkles.
  • Use anti wrinkle cream containing retinal that increases collagen content. Other anti oxidants that should include in anti wrinkle cream are black tea, copper peptide, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E and green tea and, caffeine. Apply moisturizer during nights.
  • Smoking damages collagen and elasticity of the skin and the skin becomes dehydrated. Avoid smoking to retain moist in the skin.
  • Skip processed foods and eat healthy food that contain nutrients essential for skin like fish. Protein and omega 3 antacids are present in fish that make skin healthy.
  • Eat more fruits as they contain anti oxidants that combats the free radicals.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours approximately. Due to sleeplessness, cortisol levels increase in the body. Too much cortisol in body results in wrinkles.
  • Remove makeups in the night. Makeups in the night may also cause wrinkles and incorrect makeup also causes wrinkles.
  • Do not consume alcohol in the evenings.
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