LED Light for Wrinkles

Red and near infrared are window of wavelengths that pass up to one inch deep into the tissues. These are beneficial for effecting cells in kick starting them to create immediately ATP and increase activities of DNA and RNA. Positive effect is seen in damages cells only. It is known from 1989, that LEDs are effective in the treatment of wrinkles. Wavelengths range from

600-900 nm

. But the best results are observed between the ranges: 600-625, 660-690, 750-770 and 815-860.

LED arrays are means to provide the wavelengths. Many companies claim that lasers and pulse rates are important but wavelength and total light energy applied is important. For instance, 880 nm is not a good choice. Bright summer noon sun is half the light energy emitted by LED devices.

Infrared light of the LED devices stimulates the activity of fibroblast cell in the skin. These cells increase the collagen content and elastin in the skin. These are the proteins responsible for skin tone and elasticity.

Advantages of LED devices over sunlight:

  • They can be applied at any time.
  • They do not cause sun burns.
  • LED lights require 1hour to heal the injuries beneath skin.
  • The following skin conditions can be improved by the LED devices.

    Tired and Aging Skin:

    Softens lines, folds and wrinkles. Improves blood circulation and increases radiance and moisture. It also accelerates skin repair, toning and young skin surface. Improves elasticity and also skin texture.


    hyperpigmentation is reduced with the treatment of LED light therapy.

    Acne and Blemishes

    : This stimulates the natural healing process of skin and also assists in the acne repairs.

    The effects of LED is observed depending the light therapy used. The changes are observed from 30-45 days after the treatment is given. Improvement in the skin is observed until the treatment is given to the skin. But the changes in the skin are noticed depending on the skin and physical condition, diet, alcohol consumption and smoking habits.

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