Can the aging process be delayed?

Can the aging process be delayed in mammals? Scientists and many people try various ways to slow down the or stop the aging process. Scientists are doing research on mice to slow down the aging process in mammals.

Most of the people think of slowing down the process of aging as early as possible. They search various skin care products that are available in the market. Looking young and being young are two different aspects. Many try to look young as it is the best alternative. Either stop using soap and water for face wash or go for some face lifting surgeries.

The best measure to slow down the aging process is to take a balanced diet. Foods that are available in cans and preserved foods contain lots of calories and fat. These canned foods harm the body. Fresh foods which are prepared at home are rich in proteins and nutrients that are good for health. Possibility of slowing down aging process exists, only if people go for vegetarian food.

Many books, online sources and, magazines give information about how and why the aging process takes place. A healthy diet is recommended to arrest the aging process. Even the exercise programs help in looking young.

Mental changes and emotional engagement are the main sources of aging. Think brain as a muscle and it senses as atrophies. The more people engage in the work the happier they are. This also helps in keeping aging process at bay.

Delay in aging process is really possible???? if people follows the above tips then there is a possibility of slowing down the natural aging process. The best defensing measure is to keep the body and mind healthy.

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