How to get rid of pregnancy wrinkles?

Pregnancy has both positive and negative things. The positive thing is that brings a new life into the world and experiences the motherhood. The negative thing is that body under goes various changes like mental and physical changes. Stomach wrinkles is one of the physical changes. Various measures can be followed to minimize the wrinkles on the stomach.

  • Apply moisturizer to the stomach. Use cocoa butter, skin cream containing vitamin E and, Aloe Vera. This improves elasticity in the skin and retains moist and keeps the skin soft.
  • During shower bath, exfoliate the skin on the stomach with soft bristled brush. This strips away the dead cells in skin and also stimulates blood circulation. Always do this in the circular motion. This should begin from the farthest area from the heart and should move towards it.
  • Eat food that is healthy for skin. According to the spokeswoman of American Dietetic Association, Sue Moores, RD, nutrients in certain food benefit the skin by nourishing them from inside out. The following foods can be included in the daily diet: salmon, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, kiwi, turkey, snapper, green tea and, black tea.
  • Workouts should be done for abdominal fitness. Abdominal workouts increase muscle tone, which makes skin tauter. The following exercises can be done to improve the abdominal fitness: crunches, reverse crunches, side bends, planks, hanging knee raises and, leg lifts.
  • Go with microdermabrasion. In this, blast tiny crystals and then vacuum off them. Top layer is removed and growth of new skin is promoted. Consult a dermatologist regarding this procedure.
  • Get abdominoplasty. Incision is done by the surgeon on the lower abdomen, repairs muscles,fat is removed and, skin is tightened. This removes wrinkles on the stomach.
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