How to use Tazorac to get rid of wrinkles?

Tazorac was earlier developed for the treatment of acne. Users reported side effects i.e., it decreased fine lines and wrinkles also. According to the study which is published in “

Journal Watch Dermatology

”, Tazorac contained an active ingredient called “


”. This ingredient improved wrinkles appearance and hyperpigmentation within 2 weeks. This is easy to use, but has many warnings that are to be noted before medication.

The following instructions can be followed while using Tazorac for wrinkles.

  • Consult the dermatologist or doctor to know the impact of tazorac. This treatment is available only in United States.
  • With lukewarm water and with a mild cleanser, cleanse the face. Face should be dried gently. Never use alcohol based toners or medicated cleansers during the Tazorac medication.
  • Apply moisturizer to face and neck. This protects skin from irritation that is caused by Tazorac. Never use moisturizers that contain anti aging medications like salicylic acids or alpha hydroxy.
  • Dispense a drop of Tazorac onto the finger tips and pat gently the medication on the wrinkles affected areas of face. Medication should not be applied to the entire face.
  • Tazorac should be applied once in a day before going to bed. Only pea sized drop should be applied to the face. If more quantity is used, then their is an increase in the risk of irritation.
  • Wash the face with gentle cleanser in the morning. Dry the face and apply moisturizer containing sunscreen to face and neck. Tazorac makes skin more sensitive to sun, so sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 15 should be used.
  • Tazorac should not be discontinued until the doctor says so. Many users found impact in less than 2 weeks, but it should be used according to the severity of the wrinkles.
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