Neck Wrinkles- Exercises

Exercises are effective for cure of neck wrinkles. Simple exercising procedures and certain important considerations for exercising are emphasized in this article. These exercises are easy to perform and can be done at home itself.

Exercises as a Cure for Neck Wrinkles

Exercises helps to improve circulation and keeps the flow of oxygen throughout the body. This process helps to eliminate the toxins that cause collagen depletion. Simple neck exercises can be helpful to enhance this process.

Sit straight with neck and head straight. Place palm of right hand above the ear. Use resistance, try to touch your ear to the shoulder. Head should be straight. Hold on for about 5 seconds and repeat the same to the left. One can do it several times a day while watching TV or at free time.

Another exercise involves the rotation of head side to side and then backwards. Turn the head to one side and hold on for about five seconds. Repeat the same on the other side. While doing this exercise, one should keep their back straight and shoulders in a relaxed position. This exercise should be done slowly and by doing so one can gain maximum benefit.

Sit straight, keep the neck straight and avoid tilting of head. Try hard so that your lower lip touches the tip of the nose. This exercise can be done throughout the day. Another exercise involves lifting of head towards ceiling and pretending as if you are chewing. This exercise should be done for three minutes.

Few Important Considerations

Considerations include:

  • Consult a doctor before starting a exercise regime.
  • One should do these exercises on a regular basis to gain maximum benefit.
  • Performing them everyday helps to prevent formation of new wrinkles and strengthens the neck muscles.
  • Proper health of neck muscles is a key to less apparent wrinkles. So, there is a need for proper maintenance of neck muscles.

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