Top Ten Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

Are you worried about wrinkles? Here are a few tips to avoid them. This article highlights on top ten wrinkle free skin tips. Few important tips include avoiding sun exposure, taking a balanced diet and use of wrinkle creams.

Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

  • Sun exposure is the main cause for wrinkled skin. The UV rays mostly cause damage to the skin cells. So, while going out it is better to apply a sunscreen.
  • Exercises can help to cure wrinkles. Regular exercises improve circulation and reduce wrinkles.
  • Taking balanced diet helps to cure wrinkles. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Drink plenty of water as it helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Include carrots in your diet as it is rich in carotene that is vital for wrinkle free skin. Taking honey along with a hot drink in the morning can be beneficial.
  • If using a wrinkle cream check if DMAE (antioxidant), Vitamin A, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid are present in it. All these constituents have antioxidant properties and help in maintaining skin tone.
  • To obtain a wrinkle free skin one should focus on maintaining the skin’s elasticity, moisture content and essential fats. Loss of elasticity and essential fats are responsible for a wrinkled skin. Therefore, use of collagen based products can be beneficial to offset these problems.
  • One should keep in mind their position while sleeping. It is better to sleep on your back as it prevents face wrinkles. Avoid recurrent facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.
  • Avoid smoking, consumption of alcohol and excessive drugs as it promotes wrinkle development. One should maintain a stress free environment.
  • Retinol creams also helps to cure wrinkles. Retinol has properties of penetrating deep into the skin. In the inner layers, it delivers vitamin A to the skin cells and promotes younger looking skin. Vitamin C should be included in the diet as it enhances collagen production, a protein vital for skin’s structural integrity.
  • Always keep your skin moistened by applying a good moisturizing lotion. Avoid heavy make up.
  • Use of botox injections, chemical peels and laser treatment can help to treat wrinkles. But there are some side effects associated with these procedures. So, it is better to switch over to natural ways to avoid wrinkles.

By following the above mentioned tips one can maintain a wrinkle free skin.

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