Wrinkle Protection

Wrinkles are a part of natural aging process. Their development is dependent on several factors. Exposure to sun, pollutants, toxins and lack of nutrients are vital factors. Wrinkle protection deals with how one can combat these problems with simple tips.

Causes of Wrinkles

Loss of collagen and elasticity is the most important factor for wrinkle development. Exposure to sun, pollution and other toxins are the other factors that promote aging process. These factors also promote the development of free radicals that damage cell membranes. When the number of free radicals increase they cause chain reactions and damage the lipids, DNA and proteins.

Foods that aid in Wrinkle Protection

  • Include antioxidant foods in the diet. Include vitamin A, C and E as they serve as powerful antioxidants.
  • Tomatoes are excellent sources for wrinkle reduction due to the presence of lycopene component in it.
  • Include red peppers in your diet as they serve as rich sources of vitamin A and E. They also contain bioflavonoids that aid in healing and moisturizing skin.
  • Kale acts as source of iron and helps in bringing oxygen to the skin tissue. It prevents premature aging.
  • Coenzyme Q 10 acts as a powerful antioxidant and acts on these so produced free radicals and neutralizes them.
  • Salmon fish has omega 3 fats in it. These fats are vital for skin lubrication. Apart from intake of all these foods there is a need to drink plenty of water.

Other Ways for Wrinkle protection

  • Mostly wrinkles are caused due to UV rays exposure. Application of a sunscreen can help to offset the damage caused by sun rays. Sun screen should be applied in such a way that it covers all the body parts liberally. To protect against sun exposure one should apply a sunscreen with SPF of 15. Check if the sunscreen contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.
  • Choose a mild cleanser for face wash. Avoid use of alkaline soaps with deodorants. Skin should be dried immediately and then apply a moisturizer. Regular facial can also help to reduce wrinkles.

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