Eyelid Lift for Wrinkles

Every year several people undergo eyelid lift for wrinkle repair. This treatment procedure improves the appearance of a person. This article talks about the treatment procedure, risk factors and preventive measures that have to be taken after surgery.

Eyelid Lift for Wrinkles

  • Eyelid lift technique is also called as blepharoplasty. This treatment is generally performed to eliminate wrinkles around eyes. It is carried out to improve appearance.
  • One opts for this treatment when skin at the eyelid region sags and makes one to look older or when excessive fat deposits below the eyes. Due to the deposition of fats, the lower eyelids becomes puffy and bags develop.
  • In this form of treatment surgeon makes small cuts on folds or creases of the eyes and removes the excess skin or fat. After the muscles have tightened, surgeon stitches the area.

Risks Associated with Eyelid Lift Treatment

Risk factors include:

  • A person faces difficulty in closing eyes.
  • Swelling of eyelids is common, but is temporary.
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow healing
  • Whiteheads occur after the stitches are removed.
  • Scars may occur.

Who Should Avoid it

Persons suffering from dry eye condition, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems and high blood pressure should avoid this treatment.

Preventive Measures After Surgery

  • Scars are most common after surgery, but often they fade off and gives you a radiant and younger looking skin. Your eyelids may be sore for few days. However, it can be avoided by use of a medication.
  • For several days try to keep your head raised and place cold packs over the area to minimize swelling. Take eye drops if itching or burning persists.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for 2 weeks. Strenuous exercises that increase blood pressure should be avoided. Stitches are removed within 7 days. Few people may experience excessive tears, temporary vision changes and sensitivity to light.

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