How to Avoid Fine Lines and Wrinkles Under Eyes

Eyes are the most attractive part of your face. Fine lines and wrinkles around eyes is most common. Sensitive skin is the first reason for wrinkles development in the eye region. Other factors such as sun exposure, smoking and diet also play a role in their development.

Fine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction

  • Application of a good moisturizer everyday can help to reduce wrinkles around eyes. Application of a moisturizer helps in hydration of skin and makes it look supple. A moisturizer containing SPF protects skin from sun damage.
  • Lymph nodes present under the eyes is the region where toxins build up and causes the eyes to look swollen and puffy. Massages or application of cool mask helps to prevent this condition. Regular massages helps in removal of toxins present in lymph system.
  • Laugh lines most commonly occur on the region around eyes. Their occurrence is due to the presence of delicate skin in the eye region. So, to avoid these wrinkles use a product that contains glycolic acid.
  • Lack of oil glands is the reason why skin around eyes is prone to wrinkles. So, drink plenty of water to maintain skin hydrated.
  • Intake foods rich in carotenoids. Sweet potatoes, apricots and spinach are the richest sources of carotenoids. Include antioxidant containing foods and also foods that contain vitamins, minerals that are vital for skin protection.
  • Wearing sun glasses when you are out in the sun and application of a sunscreen helps to minimize wrinkles to a large extent.
  • Home remedies such as the application of pineapple around eyes can help in wrinkle reduction. Bromelain, an alpha hydroxy acid present in it is helpful in skin softening. Application of coconut oil before going to bed helps to moisturize the skin and reduces wrinkles around eyes.
  • Smokers are a greater risk for developing eye wrinkles. Smoking causes the loss of moisture from the skin. So, avoid smoking. People with allergies develop eye wrinkles at an very early age. Diet, water consumption and genetics are also some other factors that influence the development of wrinkles.

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  1. As u mentioned earlier sunscreen reduces fine lines under eyes, can u provide me the name of SPF sunscreen which can be used & vil it go completely.How much days it wud take? Can i also keep cucumber picies around eye,is it helpful?

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