Wrinkle Reducing- Foods, Pillows, Creams

Wrinkles are cause of concern for many people. They develop naturally as age progresses and there is a need to avoid them. This article talks about the wrinkle reducing foods, pillows and cream.

Wrinkle Reducing Foods

  • Eating good foods can help to fight wrinkles. Foods such as spinach, tomatoes, olives, beans, red peppers and beet root should be taken. All these foods are vital for a healthy skin.
  • Spinach is a food that is vital for skin. Lutein component in it helps in hydration and maintenance of skin’s elasticity. About 10mg of lutein daily helps to reduce wrinkles.
  • Beans are also effective for lowering wrinkles. It helps the body to create hyaluronic acid, a key substance for skin. Taking beans helps to smoothen the skin and makes it look supple.
  • Carrots are also beneficial. Beta carotene component in it is vital for skin. In order to obtain maximum antioxidants it is better to cook carrots.
  • As suggested by many dermatologists, salmon fish is good for skin. It contains antioxidants that helps to produce collagen.
  • Melons are the richest sources of important vitamins C, A and B. A wide variety of enzymes, minerals and sugars are also present in it. All of these vitamins are vital for skin.

Wrinkle Reducing Pillows and Creams

  • Special wrinkle reducing pillows have been developed. These pillows helps to remove pressure of your face. These are U shaped pillows that prevent the pressing of face on the surface.
  • Always use a pillowcase that is made up of satin as it prevents creases that occur by use of other pillowcases. Copper embedded pillowcases can be effective as they enhance collagen production and reduce wrinkles.
  • Always choose a cream that can stimulate the production of elastin and collagen that are vital for skin. A combination of anti wrinkle cream and sunscreen can be effective. A naturally prepared and nutrient rich cream is always desirable.
  • See to that retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and co enzyme Q10 are present in a particular anti wrinkle cream. Before use of a cream always consult a dermatologist and then start using it.

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